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If you are a business owner, then you understand that security is one of the top priorities in your organization. After all, your employees and sensitive information are two of your greatest assets, and they both need to be protected. As a business owner, you probably believe that your facility is as safe as any other, but the harsh reality is that it may not be as protected as you think it is. Ask yourself the following questions:

Commercial Locksmith and Medeco Dealer with Security Solutions that Work
Around 30% of all burglaries that occur in the U.S are considered unlawful entries that do not require force, meaning that the thief already had access to a key. It’s a scary thought, but with the proper protection, you can avoid the fear and monetary loss that comes along with a break-in.

At Arrowhead Lock & Safe, we provide our clients with ANSI ranked Grade l commercial security solutions, which are constructed and perfected by the most trusted company in the security industry, Medeco. Medeco leads the industry in quality and innovation, and helps guard the assetsof companies at thousands of facilities around the Globe.

As the #1 authorized Medeco security center in Atlanta, GA we have installed, serviced, and sold countless security products to large organizations and institutions in the Southeast and beyond. These businesses are left with a rare peace of mind knowing that their most valuable assets are safe and sound behind locked doors, safes and padlocks that are fitted with proven lock systems and proprietary technology that only Medeco can offer.

We put our full trust and confidence in the Medeco products that we sell, install and service. As we mentioned above, our products are ranked by ANSI, also known as the American National Standards Institute as Grade I, meaning that our products cannot be drilled, hammered, picked, pried or broken. In fact, in most reports by consumers Medeco was the only brand that completely withstood the following break-in tactics:

Drill and Pick – One of the most common ways that thieves enter a facility is by using a simple home drill to gain access. The locks that Arrowhead Lock & Safe provide by Medeco are crafted in such a way that resists these attempts, each and every time.

Key Bumping – This technique has been around for decades, but has gained new popularity with thieves because of the advent of YouTube and other similar sites. This technique is almost impossible to detect, which often makes authorities and insurance companies less interested in your break-in. Our locks and safes have anti-key bumping technologies, so that amateur and seasoned thieves alike cannot infiltrate your facility.

Duplication – Crafty thieves can duplicate just about any key for any lock on the market today. It is an unfortunate truth, but one that can be combated with Medeco solutions which offer the latest technologies in their designs.
As a commercial locksmith in Atlanta that provides the finest commercial Medeco safeguards, you can rest assured that your business is safe 24 hours a day.

Installing, Servicing and Consulting

As a Medeco security center in Atlanta Arrowhead Lock & Safe not only sells Medeco products, we install the hardware, will service and maintain it for you, and consult with you about any issues that you may have with your locks or safes. If you are buying new products from us, we will install it right the first time, every time.

Of course even the best product will need occasional servicing, and our highly-trained security experts would be more than happy to correct any maintenance issues that your business may have. If you have any questions about your new products or have general questions about Medeco or Arrowhead Lock & Safe, we would be equally as happy to consult with you to find the right solution.

Do not let the safety of your employees and critical assets remain unprotected any longer. It only takes one break-in to create a catastrophe. Arrowhead Lock & Key is here to help you prevent that catastrophe before it happens, so you can worry about your day to day business rather than the safety of your building.

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