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Access Control Systems

In many ways access control is the most basic kind of security. In a traditional household, access control is practiced through the simplest of actions – locking a door to which only family members have a key. From this basic premise grows the world of controlling access to important areas, including both businesses and private residences. If you feel like you need extra security and you want to make sure that only the right people have access to your home or to your business, we have the access control systems in Atlanta, GA that you need.

As you might imagine, access control is far more complex than a simple lock. We at Arrowhead offer a number of items that can help our customers stay secure in their homes or places of business, and can help them to make sure that their properties are only accessed by those who are meant to be there. Our access control security options include:

  • Basic barriers, including fences. These barriers keep out thieves and trespassers while keeping your property secure.
  • Security gates and doors, to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Locks, ranging from traditional locks to electronic and magnetic locks. These devices help to secure any entrance from would-be intruders, and allow property and business owners the chance to dictate property access.
  • Keypad access. These pads make use of a memorized code to allow authorized personnel access to secure areas.
  • Card readers, security cards, and keycard access points. Equipping your family or employees with keycards allows authorized personnel the ability to enter restricted areas without relying on live security personnel.
  • Biometric readers and access points. These high-tech security devices read biological data in order to make sure that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.
  • CCTV systems. These systems allow security personnel and property owners the ability to view all areas of the property at once without being physically present.
  • Alarm systems. A final line of defense, these systems alert the authorities to unwanted intruders who have breached a secure area.

If you have anything on your property or in your business that you want to protect, you have to make sure you have the right access control protocols in place. Limiting access to that which you value is the best way to keep it safe, and the only way to make sure that it is accessed by the right people.

If you’re interested in access control security in Atlanta, GA and want to make sure that your home or business remains protected, make sure to contact us today. Whether you give us a call or visit us at our Marietta office, we will take the time to make sure that you have access to all of the security solutions necessary to make your property or business safe.

Glossary of Terms

An Access Control List, or “ACL,” is a list or table that informs a computer operating system as to which rights each individual user has in terms of access to files, directories or objects.

This is a model of security protection in which each subject or user’s rights are characterized in regards to each system object. Rows represent individual access profiles, while columns represent access control lists.

The interface through which users submit credentials to determine access control.

The restriction of access to resources, places, files, directories or objects in a selective manner. Users are authorized — or not — via access control security.

The means through which users are authorized and authenticated for access to applications, files, services, etc.

Programmed applications that supply the instructions and contain the data for access control systems.

A term for systems that govern access control. Solutions include hardware, software, data and methods of operation.

A comprehensive solution for access control that includes hardware, software and its integration into a specific environment or computer system.

The broader term for the technological solutions that apply to the field of access control (as opposed to general concepts or intangibles).

A system through which access and authentication is determined by human characteristics. Fingerprints and facial recognition are examples.

The comprehensive suite of software, hardware and practices that utilize biometric access control.

The means through which authorization is granted (or denied) for entries, exits and other doors.

The comprehensive system that governs how door access is determined and authorized.

Access is authorized or denied through a process of matching an individual’s fingerprint to fingerprint data contained within the access control matrix or access control list.

Refers to proprietary access control solutions developed by HID Global, an Austin, Texas-based company that manufactures secure identity solutions.

A security strategy that places restrictions on the ability of individual owners of resources to deny or authorize access to objects within a file system.

An access control system that utilizes Radio-Frequency Identification technology.

A method used to regulate and control access to files, systems or resources based upon the roles held by individual users within an organization or other entity.

The means through which access to a place or resource is restricted in a selective manner to ensure security.