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Door Knobs



52-6 Series Brass Body Padlocks

Solid brass body with hardened steel shackle (for resistance to hack saws or bolt cutters) or stainless steel shackles (for corrosion resistance) and removable or interchangeable core cylinders.

52-9 Series Puck Style Padlock

The Medeco Hockey Puck style padlocks come with hardened, solid steel bodies, a shackle-less design for the highest level of protection against bolt cutter attacks, and patent protected key control.

54 Series All-Weather Padlocks

These padlocks have polyurethane material around the shackle to help prevent water and dirt from entering the shackle holes. In addition, a dust cover protects the keyway from water and dirt.

G8R Series Padlocks

With its tough, weather resistant construction, this is the padlock of choice for extreme environments such as trailers, cargo containers, and gates.

Logic — Digital Cylinders and Digital Keys

Logic electromechanical keys and cylinders offer convenience and security through digital masterkeying. Using technology that combines digital technology and physical components, Logic cylinders install like mechanical cylinders, but offer the added advantages of audit trails, schedules, and all rekeying is done digitally. Logic is an ideal application for various regulatory needs, such as Sarbanes Oxley Compliance.

Medeco’s Premium High Security Padlocks

Medeco’s premium high security padlocks offer a high security solution for a multitude of applications and are available in two distinctive body styles, an indoor/outdoor weather resistant design or with a shrouded shackle.

NEXGEN – Electronic Locking System

Medeco®has created an electronic lock system to meet a growing need for electronic security in cash collection industries. With an extensive background in the route management, Medeco is able to offer a solution that meets the physical security requirements of a high security lock, combined with the added feature of electronic access control.


Medeco Nexgen XT, a retrofit electronic cylinder for small format interchangeable core (SFIC). The SFIC cylinder is ideal for loss and liability management as a direct replacement for mechanical cylinders. The easy system management allows for flexibility in access and the ability to monitor usage of keys. The cylinder is powered by the rechargeable key so no wiring or power supply is needed. The small sleek design of the key and the powerful cylinder is ideal for harsh environments. Flexible authorization, auditing of use, and quick retrofit to existing hardware are all in one convenient package.