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All too often lock companies go out of their way to say that they provide locks to customers that are “high security” as part of a marketing plan. In reality, unless these locks have gone through independent testing by non-biased laboratories that provide distinct criteria when it comes to the performance of these locks, they should not be considered high security.

That is what makes Medeco locks so popular and effective – they pass the rigid tests offered by the Underwriters Laboratory and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, ensuring that they are truly high security and the finest locks in the security industry today.


The tests that are conducted at the Underwriters Laboratory are done so to see how the locks hold up to simulated circumstances that may prevent a lock from doing its job of protecting you.
Some of the tests include a 10,000 cycle test to check on the lock’s endurance, tests to see how resistant the lock is to key fitting and picking techniques, as well as tests to see how well the lock holds up while under attack. These attacks include sawing, pulling, prying, drilling, corrosion and plug driving.

Many Medeco commercial-grade locks that take the UL437 tests either meet or exceed the requirements to pass, while the majority of standard cylinder locks do not come close.

BHMA/ANSI A156.30 Level A

Certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) the Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association offers the A156.30-2003 tests, which tests high security locks on the market through thorough guidelines that indicate whether or not a lock is in fact high security. The tests come out much like they did with the Underwriters Laboratory tests, which is to say that Medeco high security locks passed with flying colors.

A few of the tests that were performed included durability, strength, key control and entry resistance.

Arrowhead Lock & Safe is an authorized Medeco dealer in Atlanta, and have a large array of high security Medeco locks that are best suited for commercial use. If you or your employees do not feel safe at work, it’s time to think about protecting yourself from a potential break in. Contact us today to get started.

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