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When completing purchase of a new home, many things come to mind, including a new mortgage, unpacking, decorating and possible renovation. Many people don’t give a second thought to household locks though. Your home’s security, however, is an important consideration, as the previous owners may have forgotten to give you all of the keys associated with the residence. That’s why having a residential locksmith in Atlanta, GA rekey a new home is a sensible consideration.

How many times have you had spare copies of keys made in the past? The previous owners probably did so too, and while it’s likely that they simply forgot where the extra keys were located, you shouldn’t take the chance that someone could easily gain access to your home. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure inside his or her residence, particularly at night.

After moving into a new house, homeowners have two options. You can change your locks or rekey them. Replacing locks is more expensive and complicated, as you may have to replace multiple locks with another model. Choose replacement if the current locks appear untrustworthy or if you would like to have the latest technology in place.

The second and simpler option, rekeying, is for homeowners who are satisfied with the state of locks in their new home, but are afraid that additional keys may be in the possession of unknown persons. An experienced locksmith in Marietta can change your locks so that they can be operated with a different key. Rekeying occurs by altering the tumbler, changing the water configuration or forcing a new key exchange. Upon rekeying, only new keys will work as the old ones become invalidated.

More than half of new homeowners don’t change their locks. By not doing so, you can compromise your safety as nearly two million residential burglaries occur each year. Give yourself peace of mind and have your locks replaced or rekeyed. At the same time, consider changing the access code for garages and entry system to ensure further security.

Contact Arrowhead Lock & Safe. for all of your security needs. Since 1973, we have provided full locksmith services for customers in the Atlanta, GA area, and would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

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