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Locks are there to give you security and peace of mind. However, they can become a burden if you are constantly forgetting where you placed your keys. It’s a common concern for people of all ages. Things seem to go missing just when you need them most. Of course, there are plenty of strategies to avoid this aggravation. You have to set things up so that it will be easier for you to remember where you put vital items. Here are a few ideas that you might want to try out:

Develop a Daily Habit

A lot of the things we do in our lives are almost automatic because we’ve been doing them for so long. These are daily habits like watering the plants, eating eggs for breakfast, driving down a familiar road to work, brushing your teeth, and reading the latest news. Try to develop a habit with regards to key placement so that you won’t have to stress out when you can’t find them. For instance, assign a safe hiding place for the door key under a mat or on a potted plant (but not near the door, as burglars often check these areas first). If you need to have it with you all the time, then place it on the same pocket of your pants, bag or wallet.

Find a Good Attachment

Part of the problem is that keys are relatively small. They can be difficult to find once they are mixed with other objects even if they are inside a confined space like a backpack. Most of them have a tiny hole that can be used to tie them down to much larger items. Take advantage of these holes to make them more visible. It could be a keychain, a cord or a ribbon attached to a clipping mechanism. Attach this to a specific spot in your wallet or your bag at all times.

Seek a High Tech Solution

If all else fails, rely on technology to bail you out. A number of products out there solve this problem using a short-range tracking system. Some are meant to emit noise using a separate trigger while others may be found using a mobile app.

Try these solutions to see if they work for you. In case you have already lost your keys, don’t despair. You can always count on a residential locksmith in Marietta for assistance. Contact Arrowhead Lock & Safe for reliable service. We are a trusted institutional locksmith in Atlanta that can help you with all of your home, commercial, or institutional security needs.

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