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Did you know that if you own and operate a public building or run a business, you are required to have a push or panic bar installed? A lot of businesses won’t even be able to pass the needed inspections without having these installed. They protect not only you, but also your patrons, and having these installed will help ensure their safety should the sustainability of your building be strained.

A pull or panic bar is a lever meant to be used in an emergency. When the lever is pressed, occupants can quickly exit to safety should a dangerous situation arise at your location. These bars work without keys or codes so all patrons can exit the building safely.

These sorts of locks have been used since the late 1800s. They were initially brought forth in Great Britain and did not gain their current popularity until the early 1900s. By the 20th century’s end, most countries had enacted laws that made these locks mandatory in many cases. There had simply been too many disasters dealing with fire that could have been prevented had these locks been in place. With these sorts of potential disasters in their minds, lawmakers enacted the laws for the safety of the people.

These bars are useful in public and commercial buildings that have the potential to house large groups. Should a fire or other disaster happen in a building, the patrons simply depress the bar and patrons would be free to exit quickly. With the potential of theft with these sorts of bars, many now come equipped with alarms that sound if they are opened, whether accidentally or on purpose.

What size of door and the type of venue is crucial knowledge when picking a panic bar. With the help of an authorized Medeco dealer, like Arrowhead Lock & Safe, you will be in great hands with a professional team that is knowledgeable in this area. Speaking with a professional is crucial when picking the style and type of panic bar best for your business or building.

These systems do require routine maintenance to prevent any tampering. However, having a panic bar in place is crucial for all businesses. If you are looking for locksmith services in Marietta, GA, Arrowhead Lock and Safe is a wonderful choice. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will work with you to find the perfect exit system for your emergency exits, or help you find the right door locks or security system for your commercial or institutional facility.

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