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A locksmith in Atlanta, GA can offer you many useful tips in regards to home security. These professionals, like those at Arrowhead Lock & Safe, are experts at installing security systems and mending locks, so their advice is worth hearing. Here are some locksmith endorsed procedures, which should benefit new and experienced homeowners alike.

  • Always replace or rekey your locks, whenever you purchase a new property. The prior owner might have additional keys, or they might have given keys to friends, relatives, neighbors or possibly contractors. To ensure that strangers cannot access your property, you should either have your locks replaced or get them rekeyed.
  • For better home security, have a deadbolt lock fitted. Make sure to check that this is done properly. Often, contractors do not understand how to fit locks the correct way. This is why using a locksmith is always recommended.
  • If a window is located close to your deadbolt lock, be aware that a burglar could easily smash the window, and then open the deadbolt. This basic error can be avoided by using a dual cylinder lock, which requires a key to be opened. Do not keep the key inside the lock.
  • Always use strong, sturdy doors made from steel or solid wood. Doors that are made from flimsy, hollow or weak materials are easy to break into. There is no use having a good lock, if your door is not equally as good.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, hide the key to your front door under the doormat. Typically, burglars who want to gain entry to your property will search the ten feet surrounding the front door. Rocks, mailboxes, planters, pots and doormats are all obvious hiding places. Select an unconventional hiding place instead, which is fifteen to twenty feet away from your front door. Better still; give a spare front door key to a trusted neighbor or friend.

Make sure that you pass on the above advice to your relatives, friends and any new property owners you know. If you require a residential locksmith in Marietta, contact Arrowhead Lock & Safe today. We provide free survey services and quotes to our clients, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the security of your home or your business.

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