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When they think about a locksmith Atlanta residents usually have a few well-known services that come to mind. They know that locksmiths fix broken locks, install deadbolts and help people who accidentally get locked out of their homes. The truth is that these professionals perform a much greater variety of services.


Many different commercial establishments routinely use locksmiths. In addition to repairing, upgrading and installing locks, they may fix bank vaults or overhead doors on loading docks. Businesses tend to have more locking furniture, interior doors and equipment.


Locksmiths regularly visit residential buildings, such as apartment complexes, condo units and single-family homes. In addition to conducting lock repairs, they can upgrade this equipment to boost security. These experts also have the skills they need to work on outdoor gates and windows.


When someone loses access to a business, home or vehicle, a locksmith can provide emergency assistance at any hour. This may become necessary if a key is misplaced or a lock fails. These professionals can pick, re-key or fix locks as needed.


With the help of specialized machines, a locksmith can re-key almost any lock and use a blank to make a new key. He or she may also work on electronic locking systems. Many locksmiths know how to program keypads and transponders.


A locksmith has the ability to perform some repairs on commercial and residential garage doors. These tasks include servicing, upgrading and inspecting locks. Some doors have poorly designed locks that are too easy for criminals to defeat; locksmiths know how to address this issue.


Although many Atlanta and Marietta residents think that locksmiths only work on locks, some of these professionals also sell and service security alarm systems. Clients save money when one person or company can upgrade locks, set up cameras and install alarms.

The bottom line is that locksmiths conduct an assortment of residential and commercial security tasks. When choosing a service provider, be sure to find a reputable company with experienced technicians. Arrowhead Lock & Key is an authorized Medeco dealer in Marietta with top-notch deadbolt products and specializes in a variety of other locksmith-related services. To learn more, please contact us today.

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