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Is there anything in your home that is more vulnerable than glass? It doesn’t take much to make it shatter, yet it’s a major part of home construction. Glass windows and sliding glass doors are often weak points in home security, but they’re also something that most people enjoy having in their home. As such, it is important to make sure that you know the right ways to protect these vulnerable points of entry in your home – and how to do so without destroying your home’s aesthetic appeal.

The best place to start is with glass doors, because intruders will try the door before they go to more invasive means of entry. Your goal should be to make sure that the door doesn’t move at all when someone tries to open it from outside – and that means taking a few extra steps.

Most glass doors don’t have an actual lock – they have latches, many of which are easy to open from the outside. Get a good latch from a locksmith in Marietta GA, and make sure that you follow up with a secondary blocker – that is, a dowel or stick that keeps the door from moving. Finally, keep your rollers in good shape so that no one can lift the door off of the track. To summarize:

  • Use the latch
  • Use a dowel or stick as a secondary blocker
  • Keep your rollers in good shape

So what about your windows? They’re also quite vulnerable, but you can use the same steps. Keep the windows locked when possible, and use a blocker (easy to find at most hardware stores) to make sure they can’t be opened more than a few inches. Keep motion lights outside of your windows for a bit of extra help, too – anything that deters crime will help. To keep your windows safe, make sure you:

  • Lock them when you are not home
  • Use blockers to prevent access
  • Keep lights on outside to deter crime

If you want to keep your home safe, one of your best defenses is common sense. Call locksmiths in Marietta, GA like those at Arrowhead Lock & Safe for a hand in making sure that your locks are in good order, and follow the steps above the keep the glass in your home safe. You can’t do much about a broken window, but you can always make sure that your home becomes a less inviting target by using your best judgment.

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