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Finding a certified, experienced locksmith is no easy task. Sure, dozens of companies out there will dispatch an indifferent "technician" that offers "quick" solutions when you lose your keys. But when it comes to protecting your home and your business, cheap locks and part-time contractors just won't cut it. Arrowhead Lock & Safe stands out as the most trusted name in security solutions and products in Georgia in an industry known for poor service and mediocre locksmiths.

Established in 1973, Arrowhead Lock & Safe is a locally owned locksmith and control access firm. Having protected homeowners and business professionals in metro Powder Springs for decades, we have built our reputation on exemplary service and the highest quality security products available. Unlike other locksmith companies, we carry all of the major brands that you know and trust to protect your family and your business, including:

  • Medeco
  • Arrow
  • Schlage
  • Keymark
  • Kwikset
  • Mul-T-Lock,
  • Sargent
  • Baldwin
Commercial Locksmith Powder Springs, GA

As a comprehensive locksmith repair center and dealer, we also own an on-site lock shop to serve our clients better. That way, we can assist with your day-to-day needs like re-keying, cutting keys, and repairing locks. So whether you're looking for a brand-new security platform for your business or simply need a new set of keys for your storage unit, we are here to help. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every service we offer.

Here are just a few reasons why customers choose Arrowhead Lock & Safe:

  • Our residential and commercial locksmiths in Powder Springs are bonded, licensed, insured, and ready to work hard.
  • Every professional locksmith is vetted via interviews and background checks.
  • We offer a wide range of locksmith services, from simple fixes to multi-step security system installations.
  • We carry a huge stock of premium, name-brand security hardware.
  • Our prices are affordable, and our quotes are 100% free of charge.
  • We aim to go the extra mile for ALL of our customers. It's just the way we do business!
 Safe Locksmith Powder Springs, GA
 Medeco Dealer Powder Springs, GA

Residential Locksmith Services: Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

Though home appraisers may disagree, the value of your home isn't defined by the four walls and roofs that cover a property. The real value of your home lies within those walls where your family eats, sleeps, and plays. When it comes to the safety of your family and the security of your valuables, having quality locks installed on your home is paramount. When your home has lackluster locks and minimal protection, the things that you hold closest to your heart are at risk.

That is why having a dependable residential locksmith in Powder Springs is so important - to ensure that your home is protected and that your family is safe from intruders. When you have problems with the locks on your home, you need a solution quickly. When you call Arrowhead Lock & Safe, know that our locksmiths will work efficiently and tirelessly until your home is secure. Whether your home's locks need to be repaired or you need to consult with us about an integrated security system, our skilled locksmiths are available when you need them the most.

We offer a variety of residential locksmith services to preserve your peace of mind seven days a week, 365 days a year:

Re-Keying Services

Re-Keying Services

Does your home have a complicated lock setup that requires you to use different keys for different doors? Perhaps a former babysitter still has a key to your home. Whatever your reasons, our team of seasoned locksmiths will come to your home, re-key your locks in an efficient manner, and leave you feeling more secure in your house.

New Lock Installation

New Lock Installation

Your home is only as safe as the locks that you have on your doors. As your locks age or when you are the victim of a security threat, you may feel that it's time to install new locks on the doors of your home. This can be long, laborious, and complicated for the average homeowner. For that reason, many clients trust Arrowhead Lock & Safe to handle the hard work for them. When you arrange for new lock installation, one of our experienced residential locksmiths will come to your home and install new locks on your doors. Once we're done, we'll make sure your family has enough keys to open your new locks.

High-Security Lock Installation

High-Security Lock Installation

If you are a homeowner who has experienced a break-in or want to take additional steps to secure your assets, high-security locks are a great solution. We offer a wide variety of locks from a plethora of major brands. We are fully equipped to meet your needs, whether you're interested in more traditional lock systems with high key differs or pry resistant lock technology.

Access Control System Installation

Access Control System Installation

If you feel like you need an extra layer security and want to make sure that only certain individuals have access to your home, an access control system is a great solution to your problem. Whether you are interested in electronic or magnetic locks or have been looking to install a password-protected system, our team of experts can help. Contact our office today for a free consultation to learn more about your access control system options in Georgia.

Commercial Locksmith Services: Protecting Your Customers and Your Business

If you are a business owner in Georgia, you have the weighty responsibility of protecting your patrons and securing your businesses' assets. The most common way for entrepreneurs to keep their business safe is by having a commercial locksmith in Powder Springs install quality, reliable locks on every entry point of your storefront. But, unfortunately, many business owners take the least amount of effort necessary when it comes to protecting their business.

Whether you own several franchise locations or have a single storefront, it only takes one break-in to make you realize the importance of installing high-quality locks for your commercial property. Sadly, at that point, it's too late - your ability to provide for your family and pay your bills has been compromised. For that reason alone, it's always better to be proactive about your businesses' security rather than reactive.

At Arrowhead Lock & Safe, our commercial door lock services are designed to ensure that your assets and your customers are protecting 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We will always take the time to walk you through your options, explaining the pros and cons of each security solution so that you can make an informed decision. With a wide range of security offerings and a reliable team of commercial locksmith experts on your side, choosing the right security setup is easy, efficient, and affordable.

 Medeco Locksmith Powder Springs, GA

Here are just a few of the commercial services we offer, all set up and installed by a certified, highly-trained commercial locksmith in Powder Springs:

 Residential Locksmith Powder Springs, GA

Commercial Door Locks

Installing high-quality door locks for your business is one of the best ways to protect your assets and your commercial property. At Arrowhead Lock & Safe, we offer many commercial door lock options from the best brands in our industry. From reliable maintenance service on your current Grade 3 locks to new Grade 1 commercial door lock installation, our team of commercial locksmiths is ready to help.

 Locksmith Powder Springs, GA

Commercial Door Lock Repair

If your businesses' locks are old and need proper maintenance or corrective repair services, it's always best to work with a team of experts. From re-keying services to fixing stuck or broken locks, our commercial locksmiths are only a phone call away.

 Medeco Locks Powder Springs, GA

Alarm Systems

Commercial alarms for businesses are more complex than their residential relatives, and for a good reason. Our cutting-edge alarm systems are great for preventing and interrupting break-ins, notifying the authorities, and act as an important addition to any business that wants enhanced security.

 Authorized Medeco Dealer Powder Springs, GA

Security Cameras

A commercial-grade CCTV system installed by Arrowhead Lock & Safe allows you to monitor all activities that take place under your businesses' roof. Having security cameras installed around your business gives you added peace of mind and evidence for the police if a break-in occurs. Having visible security cameras can also help deter criminals and prevent suspicious activity from ever taking place. With remote monitoring capability on your smart device, you can check in on your storefront any time of the night or day, from just about any location.

Commercial Locksmith Powder Springs, GA

Access Control Systems

Having the ability to control every one of your businesses' locks is a proactive, cost-efficient way to protect your customers and your assets. With a commercial-grade control access system from Arrowhead Lock & Safe, business owners can easily restrict certain areas within their store, prevent physical key duplication, record entry history, and even simplify employee turnover.

 Safe Locksmith Powder Springs, GA

Commercial Door Installation

Entryways can be especially vulnerable, but Arrowhead Lock and Safe know how to select and install the best doors for your business. When you add remote control access features, business owners can open other structures like motorized fences, large parking gates, and even barriers.

 Medeco Dealer Powder Springs, GA

ANSI Door Lock Grades Explained

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grading system was developed years ago to standardize a testing procedure to measure the durability and strength of a door lock. This grading system applies to both residential and commercial door locks. Composed of three different grades, the ANSI grading system gives homeowners and business owners a good idea of lock quality and reliability. ANSI examines six different qualities to determine a lock's grade:

  • Strength Cycles - How many uses a lock can withstand before a replacement lock is needed)
  • Operational - This refers to a door's ability to latch when it is closed
  • Security - The effectiveness of the lock's security
  • Material - What kind of material is the lock made of?
  • Finish - Satin, nickel-plated, bronze, etc.

Grade 1 Locks

These locks offer the highest level of security and are most often used by institutions like hospitals, schools, and even museums. These locks also have the highest life expectancy, though they can be much more complex and require an expert residential or commercial locksmith in cityname to install. In today's day and age, many more homeowners are opting for Grade 1 locks (like electronic locks) for the most peace of mind. This classification of lock must hold up against 800,000 cycles, six door strikes and a 360-pound weight test.

Grade 2 Locks

These locks are great for residential areas with more foot traffic, like a door that leads to an apartment complex or suite of rooms. These locks can also suffice for small businesses that need a higher level of security than Grade 3 locks. Use these locks when you want to secure access to areas with valuable equipment or sensitive documents. This classification of lock requires 400,000 cycles, four door strikes, and a 250-pound weight test.

Grade 3 Locks

This grade of lock is best suited for residential purposes and is considered standard door hardware. This kind of lock is the least expensive and should never be used in a high-traffic area like a lobby or storefront. However, these locks would be suitable for areas without much foot traffic like storage closets or areas without expensive merchandise. Because these locks are easiest to bypass, consider upgrading your Grade 3 locks with anti-bump and anti-pick technology. This classification of lock requires 200,000 lock cycles, two door strikes, and a 150-pound weight test.

Protect Your Home or Business Today

A famous animator and movie director once said: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." This quote rings especially true when it comes to protecting your home or business with the best security solutions in Georgia. If you're worried about the safety of your family or the wealth that you have worked so hard to create, contact our office today at 404-351-4331 for a free consultation. When you trust Arrowhead Lock & Safe, you can rest easy knowing your most precious belongings are safe and secure.

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Latest News in Powder Springs, GA

Powder Springs expected to draw over 10,000 people to second-annual Seafood Festival

The city started this festival just last year and brought in over 10,000 attendees.POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — The City of Powder Springs will be Bringing the Sea to The Springs next week for their three-day seafood festival at Thurman Springs Park.The event begins Friday, May 13 and will run through the weekend.Powder Springs started this festival just la...

The city started this festival just last year and brought in over 10,000 attendees.

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — The City of Powder Springs will be Bringing the Sea to The Springs next week for their three-day seafood festival at Thurman Springs Park.

The event begins Friday, May 13 and will run through the weekend.

Powder Springs started this festival just last year and brought in more than 10,000 attendees.

This year, they’re once again partnering with Robin Robert Promotions for this free family-friendly event designed to bring the community together through tasty food, juried arts and crafts, fellowship, and fun.

“We are excited to produce this fantastic festival a second year for the citizens of Powder Springs and the metro Atlanta area,” said Roberts in a released statement. “We look forward to the community coming out for this weekend of food, live entertainment, crafts and fun.”

Powder Springs Mayor Al Thurman hopes to see the same turnout as last year.

“I think it really, to be truthful, put us on the map because it was so well attended, the food was good, and I’m hearing people from outside of the city in other places talking about ‘the Seafood Festival in Powder Springs,’ so that’s how big of an impact it was and how word spread,” he said.

Event Details:Friday, May 13 | 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.Saturday, May 14 | 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.Sunday, May 15 | 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Local food vendors attending the event will carry a variety of seafood and other cuisines from merchants like All Around the World Food Truck, Pork Ur Fork, Forget Me Not Catering, South Fried Catfish Company, Ohana Shaved Ice and more.

Live performances will feature local Atlanta musicians including artists like the Gold Standard Band, American Hope Band, The Georgia Blues Brothers and a Tina Turner tribute artist.

Attendees will also be able to browse and purchase the local arts and crafts from vendors. Children can spend their time in the Kids Zone where fun activities like bounce houses and face painting will be made available.

While this is a family-friendly event, coolers and pets are not allowed.

In addition, general admission and parking are free. Those looking to attend some of the VIP events the festival is hosting - like The Beach Club - you can purchase tickets online. Tickets include preferred seating, a private bar and lawn games.

Seafood Festival sails again into Powder Springs

Apr. 14—Downtown Powder Springs will have the third-annual Bringing the Sea to the Springs Festival from May 12-14.The City of Powder Springs has once again joined with Robin Roberts Promotions to present this free family event designed to bring the community together through food, juried arts and crafts, fellowship and fun.Hours are May 12 from 3 to 9 p.m., May 13 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; and May 14 from noon to 4 p.m. at Thurman Springs Park, 4485 Pineview Drive in Powder Springs.No coolers or pets are allowed. Ge...

Apr. 14—Downtown Powder Springs will have the third-annual Bringing the Sea to the Springs Festival from May 12-14.

The City of Powder Springs has once again joined with Robin Roberts Promotions to present this free family event designed to bring the community together through food, juried arts and crafts, fellowship and fun.

Hours are May 12 from 3 to 9 p.m., May 13 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; and May 14 from noon to 4 p.m. at Thurman Springs Park, 4485 Pineview Drive in Powder Springs.

No coolers or pets are allowed. General admission and parking to the festival are free, however, there are tickets available for unique events such as The Beach Club VIP Ticket which includes VIP seating, private bar and lawn games.

The inaugural festival in 2021 welcomed over 10,000 attendees and its return in 2022 earned the "Spot On Event of the Year" Award from Cobb Travel & Tourism.

"Each year, it gets better and better, and I just look forward to the excitement," said Mayor Al Thurman. "All the great comments we get from citizens, saying 'The food is great,' 'The music has been great.' I'm just looking forward to it, and hope all of our citizens will come out and enjoy it."

Some of the food vendors are Atlanta Seafood Company, The Shrimp Box, C&G Concessions, All Around the World Food Truck, Raul's Latin Food Truck, Wild Caught Seafood Food Truck, CJ's Food Fantasy, Forget Me Not Catering, The Hillbilly Café, Pinch & Pull Seafood, Dunwoody Cafe and Catering, Gripps Grill Catering, BJ's Concessions, R&H Events & Promotions, Pork Ur Fork, Explosion Catering, South Fried Catfish Company, Ohana Shaved Ice, Swainson's Catering, Rachel's Cuisine and Sweet Treats, Sno-Angel Delights, Flavors by J. Mitchell, Laughing Crab and International Foods.

Some of the local Atlanta musicians include Gold Standard Band, a cover band that plays hits from R&B groups; Crossroads Band, an acoustic and electric band specializing in blues and easy going tunes; and May 13 headliner Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers. A Louisiana native who writes both the lyrics and music for his songs, Dwayne "Dopsie" Rubin is a singer/songwriter and accordionist that has performed all over the world since debuting his band at the age of 19.

For more information, visit

Powder Springs nonprofit feeds 1,200 families a week

It’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday and families are already lined up, waiting in their cars for the box of food that will help get them through the week.Some pajama-clad children are still asleep in their parents’ back seats. Other people have their dogs to keep them company as they wait more than two hours for the food distribution to begin.Credit: Steve SchaeferIt doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from. If they’re hungry, Laurie Wong and her team of volunteers at ...

It’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday and families are already lined up, waiting in their cars for the box of food that will help get them through the week.

Some pajama-clad children are still asleep in their parents’ back seats. Other people have their dogs to keep them company as they wait more than two hours for the food distribution to begin.

Credit: Steve Schaefer

It doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from. If they’re hungry, Laurie Wong and her team of volunteers at Reflections of Trinity are there to help.

In Powder Springs, Wong’s relatively small nonprofit packs a mighty punch. Between their weekend food distribution, meal deliveries to senior communities and outreach programs for Title I students, the nonprofit helps feed more than 1,200 families a week.

Wong started Reflections of Trinity in 1999 to help families in crisis — women fleeing domestic violence or parents who were out of work. Fast forward 23 years and a growing number of metro Atlanta families face food insecurity amid rising inflation and housing costs.

Each Saturday, Wong and her volunteers show up early to pack boxes with fresh produce, bread, meat, cheese, bottled water, snacks and dry goods. There’s kibble and dog treats for the loyal companions who come with their owners and baby formula for parents with young children.

“I know that we are called to this,” Wong said, noting some food pantries are only open during the week. “We serve the working poor, and most of them can’t get to a food pantry on Tuesday at 2 p.m.”

ExploreHow to help

Credit: Steve Schaefer

Prior to the pandemic, Wong said Reflections of Trinity distributed food to about 500 families a week. In the spring of 2020, that figure more than doubled and the demand hasn’t slowed.

“Even though business owners in the United States have endeavored to pay people more, prices have gone up faster than the wages have,” she said.

So each Saturday, Wong turns her parking lot into what she calls a “three-lane highway” as volunteers load up one box of food at a time. Families are instructed to wait their turn in a church parking lot about a quarter-mile away so they don’t back up traffic along Austell Powder Springs Road.

Volunteer Cindy Neal has come just about every Saturday for almost 11 years. Carrying her walkie-talkie, the jovial 57-year-old greets each person who pulls into the parking lot, greeting many by name.

“I don’t even go to church any more. This is my church. This is my motivation. It’s the highlight of my week,” Neal said. “They need it. There’s people who would never come to a pantry who are coming now because of the price of food.”

Most clients come from Cobb, Douglas and Paulding counties. But at last count, the nonprofit helped feed people from 32 counties across North Georgia.

“It doesn’t matter to us,” Wong said, as she drove her pickup truck from the warehouse to the hundreds of people lined up outside the nearby church. “If you’re in need, we’re here to serve you.”

Credit: Steve Schaefer

Among the volunteers was Rachel Barahona, a dental assistant who helped pack boxes before the distribution began at 8:30 a.m.

“The first time I came, I was shocked to see how many families showed up,” Barahona said. “That just made me realize there are lot of people out here who could use the help.”

Also volunteering were Alexander Shannon and several young men from nearby Tapp Middle School, where he teaches sixth grade science.

“We’re here for the investment in people,” said Shannon, who has encouraged students to help out at the weekly event for more than a decade. “There are people from this neighborhood — people from this community — who are food insecure and some students didn’t realize it. So week after week, we’ve come back because of that.”

In recent years, Reflections of Trinity has started relying more on grants, but the nonprofit also runs a thrift store and sells donated clothes on eBay to help sustain itself. Walmart, Sam’s Club and Whole Foods are among its largest contributors, Wong said.

Credit: Steve Schaefer

The nonprofit partners with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, allowing volunteers to collect perishable items from grocery stores in the network. Grants and donations also help keep things running smoothly from week to week.

“They’re just an amazing organization,” Shari Martin, president and CEO of the Cobb Community Foundation, said of Reflections of Trinity. Her organization helps connect nonprofits with donors.

“They probably distribute more food than just about anyone in Cobb County,” Martin said. “When people come through their line they make every effort to remember their names and ask how they are. They want to show love. They want to show people that someone cares about them.”

Credit: Steve Schaefer

That generosity isn’t lost on Leigha Woodard, who hasn’t been able to work much since breaking her foot last year. She was one of 812 people who picked up food on a recent Saturday.

“It helps a lot,” said Woodard, who lives in Austell and has come to Reflections of Trinity the past three months. The volunteers even sent her off with a bag of treats for her dog, Bo, who sat in Woodard’s lap as she waited in the long line.

“It would be a whole lot tougher if we couldn’t come here,” she said.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Celebrates New Opening in Marietta, GA With Free Washes

THOMASTON, Ga., Jan. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tidal Wave Auto Spa, one of the fastest-growing express car wash companies in the country, opened a fifth, brand-new location in Marietta on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at ...

THOMASTON, Ga., Jan. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tidal Wave Auto Spa, one of the fastest-growing express car wash companies in the country, opened a fifth, brand-new location in Marietta on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 2745 Powder Springs Road.

To celebrate their grand opening, the newest Marietta location is offering free washes from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through Wednesday, Jan. 18. Additionally, new members can join any monthly unlimited membership plan for just $9.99 for the first month - now through March. Once a new membership is activated at the new Powder Springs Road location, customers can use unlimited wash memberships at any Tidal Wave location.

"This is our fifth location in Marietta," said founder and CEO Scott Blackstock. "We're excited to expand our footprint with this brand-new location and bring the convenience of our industry-leading conveyor car wash to more folks in the community. Whether or not you are familiar with Tidal Wave, now is a great time to stop by our new location to experience our wash and consider joining our unlimited wash club. Our team is looking forward to serving Marietta for many years to come."

Tidal Wave Auto Spa was founded by Scott and Hope Blackstock in 1999. Together, they committed to building an exceptional car wash experience with the highest-quality washes, best-in-class locations, and top-tier customer service. Tidal Wave is committed to providing cutting-edge car wash technology, introducing Graph-X4 as their premium wash option in 2022. Graph X4 provides powerful four-layer protection for your vehicle from dirt, pollutants, and UV rays, paired with space-age sparkle.

Stop by for a single wash or join our Unlimited Wash Club for the best value and car wash experience. Members enjoy 30 days of unlimited washes for just one low monthly payment. Wash once a day, every day. Plus, unlimited wash plans can be used at any Tidal Wave location in the country. Tidal Wave also offers discounted monthly family plans and fleet plans - perfect for businesses with multiple company cars.

Give the gift of a clean car for the new year with a Tidal Wave gift card. An ideal choice for holidays, birthdays or celebrations, a Tidal Wave Auto Spa gift card can fit any gift-giving need. Gift cards are reloadable and can be purchased online or at the nearest Tidal Wave location. For more information, visit

Tidal Wave is committed to giving back to the communities they serve - and makes it easy to raise funds for schools, churches, civic groups, sports teams and more through their fundraising program. For more information about how to partner with Tidal Wave Auto Spa for your next fundraiser, please visit

About Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is an industry-leading conveyor car wash company that was founded in 1999 by Scott and Hope Blackstock in Thomaston, GA. Tidal Wave is committed to providing cutting-edge car care technology and exceptional customer service at each of their 140 locations across 21 states. In 2020, Tidal Wave partnered with Golden Gate Capital to facilitate their accelerated growth across the country. Tidal Wave has been recognized as one of the top 10 conveyor car washes and was included in the 2020 Inc. 5000 list for America's Fastest Growing Companies. The company takes pride in its charitable efforts and was recently recognized as a 2023 Champion of Charity Honoree by Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

Contact Information: Andrea Traylor Director of Digital Marketing

Heather Coleman Marketing Manager

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Georgia baby taken off sedation after suffering burns on 40% of his body in freak accident

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — After a freak accident left a Powder Springs child with burns all over his little body, his family is sharing promising news about his recovery.Little Amahd is now off se...

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. — After a freak accident left a Powder Springs child with burns all over his little body, his family is sharing promising news about his recovery.

Little Amahd is now off sedation, according to the family. He's not out of the woods yet, his mother said, adding the next few days are critical to his recovery process.

The 17-month-old, affectionately known as Bubby, was hospitalized after slipping through a baby gate and into the kitchen last month. Nanny camera video shows the child pouring Vicks VapoRub into a lit candle and the flame exploding, leaving burns on more than 40% of Bubby's body.

"He was on fire here, and I saw a little ball of light, that's how it was, you couldn't even make out that it was a person, on camera, it just looked like a circle of light running down the hallway," his mom Rochenda Golightly previously said.

Amahd's father rushed him to the hospital where he was taken by helicopter to the pediatric burn unit in Augusta. Though he's made slight gains in his recovery, the family expects him to be in the hospital for the next three months.

Amahd Black, Powder Springs baby burned in accident

1 / 4

Golightly said Bubby's absence hangs over her home. She says her fun and vibrant child loves to watch the Christmas lights from his high chair. They have his stocking hung on the mantle - and his mom said it's not coming down any time soon.

"We are going to leave all of this up until he comes home," she said.

The family created a fundraiser to help them get through the travel to be with him while keeping their small business open. Those who would like to send Bubby a card can address it to the pediatric burn unit, the information is below.

Pediatric Burn Unit: Amahd Black3651 Wheeler RdAugusta, GA 30909.


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